How do cloud-based people management tools benefit technology services organizations?

Unified HCM solutions streamline processes and increase efficiency.

As one of the fastest growing industries, technology services organizations often find themselves in a highly competitive battle for the supply of qualified talent-leading to a strengthened need for talent development initiatives. From rapid growth to geographically dispersed workforces, companies within the technology services industry need a human capital management (HCM) provider to unify and streamline all their processes as well as acquire and develop the right talent for a business edge.

Having slow, outdated processes is frustrating to everyone. Your HR and payroll teams are bogged down with administrative tasks, while also trying to pull and analyze data to get metrics in real-time. Switching to a comprehensive, streamlined HCM solution, your organization can experience a wide range of benefits including:

  • Quicker onboarding and recruiting processes to get new employees up and productive within your organization’s culture
  • Increased global visibility as your company grows into new parts of the world
  • Anytime, anywhere employee-based access to important information, development opportunities, and training
  • Flexibility in review processes to better fit with and emphasize your company culture

These are just a few of the benefits leaders within the technology services industry are seeing. In this toolkit, you'll discover how a variety of leading companies in the industry are streamlining time-consuming HR processes, reducing time-to-hire, and saving thousands in administrative costs.

The greatest strategic benefit for us is speed. We're a government contractor, and we now can respond to our customers' needs as quickly as they want us to."

—Michael Kramer, VP of Talent Management


Supporting talent initiatives with one unified HCM system

INNOVIM specializes in science systems engineering, using technology to create innovative big data and mobile computing solutions. The company primarily supplies customized applications to NASA and NOAA.

Previously, INNOVIM had been using a payroll service bureau, but experienced a range of limitations with its provider during their rapid expansion. Company leadership identified that the organization needed a single-source solution for its HCM that would enhance the employee and manager experience; accelerate processes for HR, payroll, benefits, and time management; and support strategic goals related to talent acquisition and performance management.

"Having all of our HCM in one solution is a huge win for our business. We have consolidated our people-related information; our employees and managers are quickly finding relevant information on payroll, benefits, or time; and our HR/payroll team is enjoying more control and flexibility, especially when having to manage the volume that comes with growth," said Michael Kramer, vice president of talent management at INNOVIM.

"The greatest strategic benefit for us is speed. We're a government contractor,and we now can respond to our customers' needs as quickly as they want us to. For example, we could be awarded a contract on a Friday afternoon, and we are expected to have employees hired, onboarded, and ready on Monday. Our customers are frequently thrilled at how fast we can fulfill their requirements and, as a result, we have a competitive advantage over other businesses like ours."

"We have moved from a process of annual reviews to an interactive, ongoing experience between managers and employees. Employees are actively engaged in their own development because they can set up their own goals, provide frequent updates on their progress, highlight their accomplishments, and get guidance and comments from both managers and peers," said Kramer. "One of the biggest benefits is that it raises the accountability of our managers. It is a way to support relationships and collaboration and show our teams that managers care about their people."

"We have so much volume and activity that supports our business, our employees, and our customers-and frequently it all needs to be completed at the same time. This is where support services have been an immense help to our business," said Kramer.

American Software - Ultimate Software

“Having HR, payroll, and reporting in a single solution gives us greater flexibility and significantly reduces the time required to manage a variety of requirements across our diverse group of businesses and employees.”

—Tracy Waldrop, Manager of HR and Payroll

American Software

Benefiting from increased speed and flexibility with cloud-based HCM

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, American Software develops, markets, and supports a portfolio of software and services that delivers collaborative supply-chain planning and enterprise management solutions to the global marketplace. The company brings tangible business value to enterprises by supporting their operations via the Internet.

American Software has a lean HR and payroll team that handles the entire scope of HR, payroll, and talent management for hundreds of employees across its global operations. Previously, the company had used a payroll service bureau, but the experience was hampered by a lack of control and limited visibility, especially related to supporting multiple business divisions and flexible reporting.

Cloud-based HCM solutions provide customers like American Software with one, centralized solution for the full suite of HCM functionality, including HR, payroll, benefits, onboarding, and global capabilities. The value of using cloud technology for HCM includes rapid deployment, increased cost savings, and immediate, 24-7 access for employees to their own information.

"Using a cloud-based solution immediately made a positive impact on our team," said Tracy Waldrop, manager of HR and payroll at American Software. "Having HR, payroll, and reporting in a single solution gives us greater flexibility and significantly reduces the time required to manage a variety of requirements across our diverse group of businesses and employees. And, with everything in one place, our employees have the convenience of 24-7 access to monitor their personal information and manage PTO requests."

In addition to accelerating processes for payroll, American Software has achieved substantial time and cost savings related to benefits enrollment. With open enrollment tools, employees enjoy an easy-to-use Web experience where they can review benefits options and make elections from any device and any location. American Software's lean HR team has minimized paper usage and eliminated non-value-added efforts in handling, printing, and distributing forms. Because employee benefits and related deductions are processed in one HCM solution, no reconciliations or duplicate efforts are necessary.

"We have a small team that manages a sizable volume of employee information, and open enrollment features has helped us with accurate and timely visibility of our entire process for employee benefits enrollment," said Waldrop. "We have eliminated mounds of paperwork and saved weeks in administrative effort. The integration to third parties has helped us spot and resolve potential problems before they can occur."

One of the primary business advantages is that the technology is designed to simplify and improve work for employees at every level of the organization. Because of their focus on a person-centric user experience, companies can increase productivity, speed, and collaboration among their employees.

Ideal Innovation Inc - Ultimate Software

“We have seen significant business gains by having one cohesive HCM solution that contains current and accurate data that is easily accessible to our dispersed workforce.”

—Hope Farmer, VP of HR

Ideal Innovations, Inc.

Improving Global Visibility to Make Strategic Gains

Improving Global Visibility to Make Strategic GainsIdeal Innovations, Inc. is a consulting firm that provides cutting-edge technological, scientific, engineering, and security solutions to government and private corporations. They are based in Arlington, Virginia, along with additional personnel working throughout the US, as well as overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With approximately 30 % of its workforce overseas and the rest of its employees dispersed across the U.S., Ideal Innovations wanted a single solution that could accommodate its unique requirements for people management.

Ideal Innovations selected an all-in-one cloud based HCM solution to centralize its global employee information into one, tightly aligned system of record, and the technology for global HCM has been instrumental in keeping the company's people connected to the business no matter where they are. Teams can now track employees' personal, job, salary, benefits, and other HCM-related information for multiple countries; instantly view global compensation information; and make employee contact information visible to the multinational workforce.

"The new solution enables us to quickly capture accurate data on our global workforce so that we can have detailed visibility into our workforce as a whole, and then we can slice and dice the info however needed," said Hope Farmer, vice president of human resources at Ideal Innovations. "Our employees around the world can log in anytime, anywhere and have secure access to their personal data."

By leveraging a unified solution as its master HR system of record for all multinational employees, Ideal Innovations' people management team can access vital employee reports and analytics. For example, HR and payroll teams can quickly generate and deliver reports on total global headcount, employee tenure, hires, re-hires, terminations, and more-by the entire company or individual country.

"Our solution is our central hub of employee information, and we can easily point everyone—employees, managers, and executives—to one place where they can view, update, or gather information that addresses and supports their individual needs,” said Farmer.

“We have seen significant business gains by having one cohesive HCM solution that contains current and accurate data that is easily accessible to our dispersed workforce.”

"Teams are able to use business intelligence that we can take to the C-suite about why we should take a particular action. The high level of business intelligence that we have now has been very impactful in how we operate and how we have improved processes," said Farmer.

The solution also provides organizations with strategic insight into recruitment and talent management while delivering real-time data to HR teams in order to quickly and accurately address daily requests. "Additional advantages are that the technology is so easy to use and that we are better supporting our business with the right data. It has brought outstanding results across our entire organization."



Organizations in the technology services field have complex hiring needs and globally dispersed workforces that position them to leverage people management tools in a completely unique way. Outdated systems and manual processes will no longer be sustainable in the fast-paced, rapidly growing industry.

PCloud-based, comprehensive human capital management tools can empower your workforce to reduce time spent on administrative tasks to assist your organization in recruiting and onboarding top talent, making information easy-to-access regardless of location, and gaining real-time data insight.

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