Oil States International

Uses UltiPro to Manage Global Operations

Key Benefits
  • Visibility into worldwide employee population
  • Instant access to business intelligence on employees in international locations delivers better speed, accuracy, and support for decision making
  • Flexibility to create fields by country to be responsive to the needs of individual locations

Oil States International is a manufacturer of products for deepwater production facilities and drilling equipment, as well as a provider of completion services and land drilling services to the oil and gas industry.

3 000 employees

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company has approximately 3 000 employees, with more than 20 percent working internationally in countries including Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Argentina, and Mexico.


• Oil States can run reports and deliver guidance to upper management regarding headcount, and salaries with currency conversions, so they can see total labor costs in real time.

• Company can access information about its global operations anywhere, anytime, for one or multiple countries without having a local administrator extract the data.

• Reports organized by salary, seniority, or experience helped pinpoint opportunities for workforce efficiencies.

• UltiPro delivers the platform configurability needed to create unique fields that support country-specific data.

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